1. Robert Bennett

    Happy Birthday Ellen!! Good to see you and we wish you all the best. Arlene and I are enjoying retirement here in Scottsdale, AZ since 2010 and staying active in the community.
    Fondly remembering English department days, Committee softball games, and performance at the Guthrie. At the Guthrie, still remember you stating that you “were the last in a series of unrelated events.” Bob and Arlene Bennett

  2. Ellen Stekert

    Hello Robert Bennett — Wonderful to hear from you, but embarrassed to say that my memory of you and Arlene is very fuzzy. That comment of mine from the Guthrie sounds like me, but it is not enough to get my well-focussed image-recaller functioning. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens all too often at this age, so may I ask you to send a photo of what you looked like when I knew you and a few more hints about our interaction — that are able to be printed? Of course, I could ignore your note, but it was kind of you to send it, and if you are who I think I remember, I do want to be in touch.

    Regardless —- many thanks for taking the time to send the message and to read this~!! And no matter what will be the outcome of this ineraction, I’m glad I know and knew you!


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